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ALBEEA Environmental Technologies offers a broad portfolio of Consultation, Advanced Technologies, Eqlipment and Services in the Following Fields:

  • Wind Turbines
  • Horizontal (HAWT) and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) using our new blade design and directly coupled SRG generator for Maximum Efficiency, Less Maintenance ,Lower Initial Cost, Higher Wind Speed Resistant, Lower Noise, Less Icing, Much Stronger Aluminum Profile Blades with Less Maintenance , No Effect on Migrating Birds
  • Solar Systems ; Photo Voltaic Panels, Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Generation (CSP)
  • Geothermal Energy and Heat Pumps
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Hydrogen Generation Devices , Hydrogen Fuel,Hydrogen Burner for Boilers & Incinerators, Cooking, Heating , Welding
  • Hydroponics
  • Hydroponic Barley Fodder Systems for Animals Feeding ( 1 Kg of Barley making 6 Kg – 10 Kg of Barley Grass in 7 days without soil, Only Water)
  • Bio-Gas from organic waste for Heating & power generation
  • Heavy Fuel Oil & Diesel Fuel Saving Devices with Emission Reduction of PM & NO
  • Solar Desalination Plant of Sea Water using Floating Structure with Renewable Energies ; Wind ,Tides, Currents, Solar
  • Thermal Energy
  • Low Cost Housing ; Fast Monolithic Construction, Earth Quack Resistant,Energy Saving, Low Living Cost ( REAL GREEN )
  • Solar Thermal Assisted Air-Conditioning
  • Solar power operated desert coolers
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water & Sewage Treatment and Recycling
  • Air Purification and Disinfection For Hospitals , Residential,Commercial and houses Using Nano Technology
  • Ambient Air Pollution Treatment for Pollution Emitting Factories and Industries
  • Natural Lighting by Sun Lighting Fiber Optics Beam
  • Water Disinfection by hydrodynamic Reactor and Nano Technology( Chemicals free)
  • Soil Decontamination of poisonous or radiated waste
  • Dangerous Medical Waste Incinerators using Clean Hydrogen Fuel
  • Solid Waste Recycling; Garbage, Tires, Metals,Plastics,Organic
  • Waste to Energy by Pyrolysis process
  • Thermal Power Generation with 50% Emission reduction
  • Theme Parks, Water Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Resorts, Environmental Technology Science Museums ; We Design ,Project Management, Equipment Supply & Installation, Maintenance and Operations Training Programs
  • Wind
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