• About Albeea

    About Albeea


We are a Environmental Technologies Company Specialized in Consultation, Equipment design, production, technology applications, Equipment Suppliers, Installation, project management, maintenance and R&D.

ALBEEA provides complete integrated services for the following fields:

  • Environmental & Engineering Consultation
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Projects management
  • R&D
  • Supply and Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Pollution Measurement and Remediation
  • Fuel & Energy Saving equipment
  • Green Buildings Design and Equipment
  • Environmental Technology Training
  • Assist Companies to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Efforts

Our Portfolio and extensive experience and capabilities in Engineering, design and Manufacturing, help our customers meet their objectives for performance, cost, efficiency, durability, and sustainability.

We are constantly reviewing, upgrading and expanding our capabilities to meet the demands of our valued clients with a high standard of services through utilizing highest technology , business quality and environmental standards and practices.


“To apply all available environmental technologies for a better and economical living environment for the general public and industries alike to save our planet, our living space & budget”


We are committed to go beyond expectations in providing innovative, timely and cost effective solutions for a better and sustainable environment.

Our core competencies are:

  • Engineering Consultation
  • Quality Supplies
  • Services
  • Innovation
  • R & D
  • Solar
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